Advisory Council

Consisting of former Omaha Public Library Foundation board members, staff, and members of the Omaha Public Library Board of Trustees, the Omaha Public Library Foundation Advisory Council offers guidance and support to the library foundation. Members serve as goodwill ambassadors in the Omaha community to support and expand the mission of Omaha Public Library and the Omaha Public Library Foundation.

Bob Berger
Barbara Bock-Mavis
Steve Bruckner
Stuart Chittenden
Terri Diesing
Kathleen C. Dodge
Carol Ebdon
Wanda Gottschalk
Freddie Gray
Robyn G. Hubbard
Richard W. Kelley
Dan Kinsella
David Krecek
Mary Lopez
Carrie May
Michael McLarney
Michael C. Meyer
Merrilee Miller
Mary Anne Ramge
Norma Riley
Nancy Rips
Anne Rismiller
Bruce D. Vosburg
Beth Whited
Eileen Wirth
Nancy Wolf