Honorarium and Memorial Gifts _ Spring Edition 2012

Gifts received between November 1, 2011 and January 15, 2012.  Thank you to all our donors!  Your support makes a difference. Only honorarium and memorial gifts are listed.  All other donors will be listed in the Omaha Public Library Foundation’s annual report.

In memory of Michael Brewster
Bernie and Liz Lambe

In memory of Sally Burke
Shirley S. Crites

In honor of Marie Carlson
Barbara Carlson

In memory of Melanie Carlson
Vaughn and Joanne Carlson

In memory of Ruth Frederiksen
Barbara How

In memory of Robert Hefflinger
Jo Anne Amoura

In memory of George Ireland
Mary Louise Helling

In honor of Mrs. Dorothy Kotok
C. David and Sharon Kotok

In honor of Charles Kluver’s 70th birthday
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Susan Wilson

In memory of Dr. Susan O’Brien
Carol Bosse
Linda Lavely-Martin
Barbara Lutey
Ann Nelson
Mary Partusch

In honor of Harold and Marion Slosburg
Jill Slosburg-Ackerman

In memory of Thomas J. Walsh
Phyllis Beck
John and  Elaine Boyce
John Brownrigg
Robert and Catherine Burkhard
Greg and Dawn Casart
Don Casart
Mike Casart
Michael and Jo Cavel
James and Merry Ann Coe
Brian Danoff
Dano P. Danoff, Jr.
Betty M. Donaldson
Mary E. Drickey
Dave and Marilyn Duin
Kevin Ferguson
Fifty-Eighth Street Book Club
Natalie Kenkel
Bonnie Mercer
Sue Ryan
Jan Schleisman
Jane Selk
Pam Sorrell
Bev Vazzano
Diana Wendt
Charles and Carla Hines
Mark Klinker
Beverly Krajicek
John and Jean Krejci
Joseph and Mary Leahy
Richard and Laura Mahacek
Masimore, Magnuson & Associates, P.C.
Andrea Babcock Maupin
Michael and Liz McCoy
Joan M. Mellor
Timothy and Janice Olechoski
Karen Olson
Tim Potter and Leslie Jorgensen
Sally M. Rau
David and Angela Revia
Gary Sadil
Norb and Nancy Staley
Agnes Stark
Lyle Strom
Gene and Doris Taulborg
Kumy and Ann Thariani
Ruth Tussey
Richard and Deborah Walentine

In memory of Charlie Warden
Under the Dundee Sun Book Club

In memory of Paul White
Joanne Ferguson Cavanaugh

In honor of Nancy Wolf
Mike and Wanda Gottschalk

In honor of Mrs. Rosalyn Zeffren
C. David and Sharon Kotok

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